This is where it's at

Was looking for a school for the wee ones. Made this mappy stuff using the google maps API. This stopped working once that API changed.


For the LOLs

One thing I've learned about a house is that it never stops sucking up Ikea furniture. So you never run out of cardboard. I'm going to try and document here cardboard models that only take one night or so to finish.


Pigs. Filthee hoarding swine.

I'd have thought this would have become irrelevant. Instead it gets worse and worse. This is how you condemn the crisis handling when you're me.


That special time of year

No idea when I had time to do this. Around christmas, of course. But I'm glad it was done. May the reindeer be with you.


It's full of craft!

These will be added to at some point with the intent to have posters, t-shirts, etc. they're also loosely tied into the Badass universe.


Cheap as they come

This was built partly because I needed it, but mostly because I could.


Backup project

A slow project that aims to archive some sites on horn speakers. The original link site stopped updating long ago.


Who needs fantasy when you have Photoshop?

I used the Gimp actually. Mostly this is an intermediate stage between the slotcars project and the Monaco project.


It's a super mini pc

Actually it's not. But it looks like a super mini pc. What's the point of still teaching kids how to assemble an atx/itx pc when they're probably never going to see a motherboard- or perhaps even a soc- in the rest of their life? Doesn't matter. Get geek chops.


Classic track on the table

After the matchbox map project. I got into this instead: a superdeformed remake of perhaps the most interesting circuit on the F1 calendar. I started on it after seeing the real race with Kid 1 and explaining him the curves.

The PlayTray

Beating the floor at it's own game

This is a super toy which has withstood the test of time. It's a table like tray that slides under the couch, but can be raised on legs. It's been storing our Lego since forever .

rack/counter top

Carpentry is not for the weak

Our kitchen needed more workspace, so I designed a workbench that also serves as a rack for our combi micro wave and various stuff. Difficulties: fit around a radiator, using fancy Ikea connectors.


An RPG kit in a mini suitcase.

A cork-board lid for encounters, cork-lined dice tray, character and monster cards, and room for figurine pins


Goal of every serious geek

I've wanted one of these since I first had a computer. Well maybe a little after that, but definitely since my first windows box. And lo and behold a square meter of basement recently opened up!


Who doesn't want to darken his children's days!

These were meant to obscure the kid's bedroom and also fit the nice arch on their windows.


Blasts from a barely remembered past!

We had slot cars. I remember thinking they were awesome- and yet we must rarely have played with them. I don't know what got me into them, but I started thinking about building a track, and voila!


Abandoned but informative

Though I ended up buying ready made speakers, I spent years learning all there is to learn about building your own- theoretically.

paint spray booth box

Small and sucks

A DIY mini spray booth with filter and suction. Used to spray Matchbox cars!


Finally something sturdy enough

You cannot have decent cinema experience without sub. Neither can you have sleeping children with sub. The solution? Build a sub, then never switch it on.


There's no place like home

This was built because, why not? I always wanted an indoor slide when I was a kid. I was getting a lot of wood in for my subwoofer and so I decided to build an indoor house/slide.


Pinewood derby is for chumps...

Built to serve generations of Van Rompayes, this was a rite of passage for me. It was even used by the little tikes! It's always in the garage, though.


Couch potato time!

There comes a time in a man's life when he really just wants to sit on his couch between the hours of 8pm and 10.30pm. When you have a family, as much as you love tweaking, stuff should just work.