Masaaki Takenaka's Horn links page rescued from the Wayback machine

These horn speaker links had been on my 'linkees' page for ages, and a lot of the links themselves were outdated. So when I found the page had disappeared I fished it out of the wayback machine with the intention of keeping it forever safe here. The original work was done by Masaaki Takenaka who himself built 'angular spiral' speakers.
My intention is to group the links, put a local copy on my own site where the link is dead (using the Wayback machine) and update those I can find back.
If your work has been placed as a local copy (under and you want it removed a simple mail will do the trick. If you want a link added a simple mail will likewise do the trick. Send the mails to info.

The 3D-Spiral Horn Speaker Building

Horn Links last updated by Masaaki Takenaka on 23 Nov. 2006. Are there better ideas than the 3D-Spiral Horn?

3D-Spiral Horns

Labyrinth speakers
Helix W3
Daily spiral life Japanese & wayback machine & pictures lost
3D-spiral speakers Japanese & wayback machine & pictures lost

Altec / JBL project upsized version of the 3d-spiral horn
local copy
Umfrage Thema: ist das 3d-spiral-horn konzept bassreflex uberlegen? (German)
spiral horn mit tangband die zweite (German)
The FR125-Spiral project has begun!
Spiral Horn
Spiral horn...again

Audio in General

Let's gather PVC-pipe speakers! Picturs of amazing speakers (Japanese) Audio Links
Tim F's Audio Stuff designing and building various home audio components
Zaph Audio Great web site with a lot of projects and measurements

Non-Commercial Horns

20,000 Watt Home Hi-Fi System gigantic horn speaker
about Building a Hornspeaker Cheap Trick 164 by Matthijs van Eek
The "ALL Fun" Horn
Backloaded Horn Speaker Nagaoka design
Brines Acoustics Pipes and the TQWT
Building the Buschhorns build your own horn speakers in a NYC Apartment
Buschhorn Mk2 with RS 40-1197
Cuno's Ariel Loudspeaker page
DIY Loudspeaker Projects by : Bill Eckle A Home Theater Loudspeaker System
The Duelund Horn
FE-208ES DIY Project
Fostex FE108Sigma Spiral Horn Enclosure
Hedlund Horn
Hedlund Horn Project
Horn Loudspeakers and Abstract Art Cornu Spiral Horn
Horn Loudspeaker Response Analysis Program
Humble Homemade Hifi
Horn speakers Basic Horn Theory
JERICHO Horn Speaker
Klangform Akustik (German)
Laying Pipe with Audio Lego
Long throw enclosure cabinet designs
LoudSpeaker LAB Homepage TL-MTM
Lowther Belcanto full-range horn speaker
Mass Loaded Tapered Quarter Wave Tube
My Audio DIY Page Excel Subwoofer Designer program
Original hand-made audio amplifier, Loudspeaker & Orchestral works
Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design
Single Driver Website
A slightly modified version of the "Jericho" Horn, using Lowther® PM4A drivers. Sound System Speaker Designs By Rog Mogale
The Tractrix Horn Project
Vincent Brient audio pages
Volvotreter Homepage
William Gowan's DIY Audio Home Page A tribute page for the late Tetsuo Nagaoka and his wonderful speaker designs

Commercial Horns

Avantgarde Acoustic
BD-Design Oris 150 etc.
The Cain & Cain Co. The Abby Speaker
Hasehiro Audio (Japanese Site) Rear horn made of concrete
HornCalc Tractrix Horn Calculation Software for Windows 95 and NT
Hornet audio Hedlund Horn
LOTH X Audio
Lowther Loudspeaker Systems
Rethm loudspeakers
RL Acoustique
Royal Device The Biggest SUBWOOFER of the WORLD
Valutronic VH-1 the Hi-Fi Voigt horn


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