Sci-Fi Arcade flying

An exciting arcade flight game set in Nev Buchanan's FNS universe!


Trains for kids!

A relaxing diorama game for Android. Follow wooden trains, cars and cranes around a busy fjord harbour.Click here to see the cute trains and get the game!

Endless Azure

Endless Azure is an airplane racing game for those who love old sea planes. If you love the Schneider trophy planes, try Endless Azure
Click here to see and get the game!


Who is L2GX?

Some history and information about L2GX


It writes the good words.

What is L2GX up to on the literary front? How about his bizarrely baroque pseudonym the Rompmeister? Track his progress here!


Woodwork, design and more

In here you can find children's toys, daddy toys, designs and general hobby stuff. I like the diy/design ethic and am never without several projects.


OLDIES Goldies

How long have I been on the internet? Since 2000, at least, on Geocities. Here you find as much of that stuff as I could make available. Bonus points if your browser still supports Flash!