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Welcome to the Core Moebius! The Core Moebius universe is a space opera universe that focuses on extreme diversity. There are dozens of described species and diverse technologies that each have various implementations for transport, weapons or other uses. Stories can play on galactic scales and in microsecond timeframes. The focus is on armed conflict, but exploration and politics play a part. The core of the Core Moebius story is a conspiracy that spans millennia, which newer players and outsiders seek to break open or bring to a climax.

At the center of our galaxy

At the center of our galaxy, an observer will see a black hole circled by several stars. Upon approaching, however, they will encounter a shift, entering a region where instead a massive torus encircles the accretion disk of the black hole. This is the Core Moebius, an agglomeration of bubbles created from an indestructible metamaterial and linked by tubes from the same material. These bubbles and the spaces between them range in size from large enough to contain star systems down to the size of a city block. They may contain vacuum or molten lava at high pressures, and any environment in between.
To give you an idea of the Core's size, it spans about 15,000 light hours across, or 1.7 light years, with a diameter of about 2600 light hours, or 0.3 light years. To put that into perspective, the termination shock in our solar system is between 15-25 light hours away, the Kuiper Belt is 4.5 to 7.5 light hours in radius, and the inner solar system is only 0.75 light hours in radius. If you were to place the Core Moebius in our solar system, it would be entirely within the Oort cloud!

Core Size


The Core is a stunningly vast and diverse place, home to over 1.3 billion stars and an estimated two hundred billion species. Many of these species were artificially created. Seven species keep Top Dog status, balancing each others military power and taking up the responsibility for rule of law in their sector of the Torus. The majority of the species in the Core are holdouts, with populations ranging from just a handful to trillions. Trying to calculate the exact number of individuals is a daunting task, but rough estimates put the total at around 10 billion trillion people.
This includes the 22 largest bubbles, each with a trillion people, a Dyson sphere with a hundred trillion, and countless computronium habitats with at least a trillion natural beings in access spaces spread across them. Bubbles can shift in type of environment gradually across a region or be wildly divergent. While most species can therefore expand their habitation, some are stuck in specific bubbles and unable to migrate. Any Core Moebius inhabitant lives less than two light years away from any other, and could theoretically travel that distance in a week. But enmities and economical systems keep all but Top Dog species and some individuals from having such freedom in reality.
Moreover, almost every border in the Core is actively contested and dangerous to cross.

As a rule, species stick together, and many maintain and defend sectors as their home lands. Others are transient, or exist as parasites in the systems. Any species existing at the Core can be assumed to have once chosen to live in perennial warfare, or to have been created for such. Though individuals and species can migrate out to the larger universe, their attitudes are seldom welcome there. Moreover, cultural self-awareness, especially in the context of deep time, means species continue to choose confrontation and combat.



CORE MOEBIUS Technological Glossary

CORE MOEBIUS Travel information


Travel time around the core.
Speed along Highway fold: 0.1 light year per hour. (876 x lightspeed)
Jump Fold speed: 0.01 light year per hour (87.6 x lightspeed)
Fold Drive speed: 0.005 light years per hour (43.8 x lightspeed)
Core Moebius circumference: 6 .3 light years
Round Time Jump Folds: 630 hours
Rail Round time: 11 days
Fold Drive: 52 days
Inner Wall Circuit circumference 13 light years
Round time Highway Fold: 130 hours (5 days)
Travel time from Core to Inner Wall Highway nodes: 100 hours using Jump folds