L2GX is an indie developer who wants to share worlds. He wants to give people a refuge in happiness, and focus on flow.


Early history

L2GX started with a grainy black and white image of a starfighter cockpit in Hypercard, circa 1993. Skip 8 years and it was a set of Bryce3D renders of a starship corridor, tied together in Macromedia Director. Undounted by his ability to pick obscure engines, L2GX then worked for a moderately succesful Unreal mod that got shut down by 20th Century Fox. After that, an attempt with Photoshopped pixelart in the much lamented Coldstone engine.


After that, some dabbling with unreleased levels in the Hammer editor and another pass at the Unreal World Editor finally managed to convince L2GX that gamedesign was not for him. He then turned to 3D animation, wrote a sci-fi trilogy, and started a family.


But then came Blender and Unity. In no time at all, L2GX managed to set up, if not ship, the awesome historical hydroplane game Endless Azure. Feature creep made L2GX focus on a side project, which was completed and shipped in 2 months. ChooChoo features trains, automobiles, and super cute environments all made up to look like a dream wooden train set. ChooChoo rekindled his love for worldbuilding, encouraging him to complete and ship Endless Azure as well as a nifty little game of zero-g tag named Turbine head.


L2GX loves to hang with passionate and diligent people. After getting to know Nev Buchanan and his awesome FNS project, it was nearly inevitable that they created a project together. Nev's Forge Neutralisation Squad is a deep sci-fi epic, intended to bring stop-motion animation back to our TV screens. L2GX FNS game is set to bring the exitement of this universe to mobile devices.


To avoid confusion, not only is L2GX in real life Paul Van Rompaye, but that is also the name of the legal entity. Hence you can find L2GX on the Play store, but only Paul Van Rompaye on the App store.


Trains for kids!

A relaxing diorama game for Android. Follow trains, cars and cranes around a busy fjord harbour.
Get it on the Play Store here

Endless Azure

Endless Azure is an airplane racing game for those who love old sea planes. If you love the Schneider trophy planes, try Endless Azure