Hosted on skynet

This was the first host I moved to after Geocities, a 25mb space that came with my parent's broadband account. At this point I had left school and was looking for a job as well as being involved in numerous small projects. The site was done as a portfolio and rarely updated.


Party people name card

This site was the first on www.l2gx.net. It was set up to give a small, neat showcase of stuff I did. Mainly to try and impress girls as by this time I was living in Leuven and working in Brussels and partying all across. I did not ever impress girls with it.


A flashy portfolio

A revamp after I quit my job. I started looking at other employment but also wanted to become selfemployed. As a result I produced this site which was strictly meant as a portfolio. I'd also planned to print off a book version, hence the horizontal layout. After the economy collapsed I hurried back to an IT job and so the site didn't last long.


Hipster Douchebag Tales

A webcomic I drew between from 2002 till 2004. CRAP was based on the idiosyncracies of my friends, myself, and our club and pub life. The original site is also here but mostly defunct. So here is a selection of the best CRAP had to offer; enjoy!.