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Crescent Races

*Races of the First Era*


Said to be the creation of Daemen, humans are the most common inhabitants of Sickle. Most humans can achieve any skill by practicing. Some humans are unsuspectatly fierce warriors , although they remain very vulnerable.


The sheperds of men, corrupted and grown into evil ways, now a plague on all life on Crescent - but nonetheless a important factor in the balance that sustains the life on the world.
Immortal and invulnerable, with physical and magical powers surpassing that of all other races.

*Races of the Second Era*

Altren Veres

People of dusk, created by the Moon Godess in the Second era. Humble and docile, they spend their lives in quiet merriment and artistry. These are the proverbial romantics of Sicle.


Created by the Mountain Lord. Big and brutal warriors, with a fair amount of intelligence, but doggedly following rote in most instances. Honour and hierarchy are important to them, as is their religious respect for their forefathers. Because of their horns and broad nose they were named after bulls.


Created by the Sleeper of the Woods, these goatlike creatures live their lives as cynical and wistful bonvivants. Small but quick and tough, these halfmen rarely leave the woods. However they enjoy war and politics, and are often found disturbing human society..

The Dzin

Children of the Sun, full of fire and music, people of the great desert, bent on war and destruction. Fierce warriors , they rarely venture beyond the borders of the desert, although some families can be hired as mercenaries.

Melue alaem

Created by the Sea Godess, these mysterious People of the Sea live their lives beneath the waves, and seldom cross the paths of other races

*Races of the Third Era*


Bred trough human magic for warfare in the woodlands, green of skin and hair, and green of heart, too. They rarely leave the woods they live in and consider the Satir their nobility, although this only in matters of honour or war.
Small and nimble, they make excellent thieves and spies, and several families have been bred to grey or brown color, thus enabling them to bend into the cities more easily.

Sheneta Thenabrae

Another race created by humans in the Third Era, the Sheneta Thenabrae were an alchemistic invention. Commonly called Gold People they keep to their abbeys. There they seek their reason of existance trough philosophy and meditation.

Ftihi Chir Ihtchit

Insects haped and sized like Men. Although fast and accurate with all weapons, they are light and lack in intelligence. Bred as bodyguards by most aristocratic families. They live in hives on the family estates, and are born loyal, recognizing the family by scent. They are shortlived unless kept alive by magic.


Aristrocatic vagabonds, excellent duellists and artists, but unbearably hautain. They consider themselves the real aristocracy of Crescen, althought they earn their living by doign assasinations for the Aristocracy. They have a magic system that seems to be fairly ineffective outside of producing pyrotechnic shows, and have a own music system wich nobody else can bear to listen to.


Variating from a third to a tenth of the size of man, htese little creatures lead a hidden life in their anthill-like fortresses. They claim to have been created by the moon and wage religious wars omongst themselves wich rarely claim victims. They love alcoholic drinks and brew soem of the best beer on Crescent, wich they sell to passersby. Now and then groups of them and even individuals go on quests to the towns of Men, where they wander around causign mayhem untill trown out.

Levante Erpheta

A city dwelling race with a literally boundless memory, they are the core of every selfrespecting bureaucratic system, library, army, religious order or any other organisation worth that name. They live in communities of a few dozen families. Their children are sent abroad to study and then return to assist their elders untill those die. Rarely one of them develops a sense of adventure, wich they refer to as the 'library disease'.

*Artificial Races*


Matter moving by magic, with a spirit bound to it to control it..

Nhefarhatem Golem

Clay bound by pure Nhefarhatem magic, these golems are the most common golem type. They grow constantly, and are therefore usually undone before they can turn on their master. Thes simplest and commonest kind of golem

Altkragsar Mors Golem

Made of dry bone and Alkragsar Mors tattooed leather, bound together to form a terrifying golem of more than human size. The leather comes from ritually slaughtered humans, and Altkragsar golems are generally insane.

Thendrath Mertem Golem

Clay and blood shaped into a almost human form, the character of these golems is formed by the spirit bound to them. Most of these were made to guard the graves of Thendrath Mertem Mages, and their spirits are those of the honor guard killed during the funeral rituals.

Dragonbone Golem

Fossil Bones of Dragons, crafted into human form before the coming of the first era, their strength and wisdom are only surpassed by their enigmatic nature. Only nine Dragonbone Golems exist. Rumor has it they are the physical manifestation of the Shadow Walker. They are twice the size of a human, and hide their face behind a mask.


Controlled by magic, but often powered by science, artefacts have no souls, and only trough their intelligence can be seperated from machines

Nhefarhatem Artefact

Human shaped elegant wood and silver spiderweb frames, Nhefarhatem Artefact are ancient works of art. Though they lack in power their skill and intelligence surpass those of any other race, and they make excellent personal guards as swordsmen or archers. Only a few hundred have ever been made, but these are painstakingly maintained by their owners.

Sten artefact

powered by Virsten, these artefacts are still created regularly. They need extensive amounts of Lumsten to reach awareness, so most of them are rather dumb.


lumbering machines of metal and hardwood, powered by science and with intricate clockwork controls, automaton combine the power of golems with the relyability of artefacts

Nheferhatem Automaton

Driven by steam but controlled by Nhefarhatem Magic, these Automaton are found in the workshops of alchemists and scientists.

Sten Automaton

The intricate Virsten controls of this Automaton give it abilities beyond that of any other type. It's intelligence is, as always with Sten Magic, a costly and uncertain affair.


Magic can be used to bring movement to any sort of material, even human remains.

Altkragsar Mors Zombie

Brought back from death with Altkragsar Mors Tattoos. Many Altkragsar Mors Mages kill themselves to gain supernatural powers far surpassing those of living mages.