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Crescent Adventures

You are a true hero. The world is filled with peace, prosperity and carnivorous predators. So basically nobody gets around much.Troughout the Empire, people fall asleep where they are standing. Only the hardiest Salesmen ever leave their villages . Even the wild barbarians are bored to death.

But you are the incarnation of excitement! You rouse nations, exercise local guards, redistrubute wealth, tickle the life back into people. You bring light where there was darkness and boldly go where no one has gone before!

Sure...some people would call you a thief.

Then again some people would bury you in the burning desert sand up to your neck and leave you to the vultures.

At least YOU never killed anybody. And certainly not by poking their eyes out or some such criminologic novelty.

So being a hero and all, fleetfooted and witty and generally smarter then the Law, you end up in a remote region of Aleara. Probably because it's the only place on Crescent where they don't know you yet. But they've got entertainment too! And their beer is almost drinkable!

So get off your ass and do your hero stuff.

Run from the law!

Breaking And Entering!

Dodge the carnivorous predators-

Then poke 'em with your nifty sword!

And last but not least- try to stay away from married women for a change...