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Crescent History

The Beginning "Hubris will, if left unchecked, lead Men to the stars, and their doom. So to Shield Men of its own undoing, Daemen came to Crescent when Men did, and were their sheperds..

It is said that they woke the Elder, and It became the Shadow God, and walked beneath the stars once more. And It took kindly to Men, and to their sheperds.

And though he was not of Men, Its love for them grew, and the Shadow God gave of Its might onto those Daemen It loved.

Then were born the Olden Gods: the Godesses of the Moon, the Sea and the Sun and the Gods of the Woods and the Mountains."

The First Era

"And the Shadow God gave them Might to their own, and they created the First Era, and Men roamed Crescent and grew in number. And as Men grew, so did their wealth. For thousands of generations Men roamed Sicle and grew in number and in wealth. And They built their first cities, and gained knowledge of much that is since forgotten.

Some Daemen grew fond of Men, and some grew fond of Men's ways. And it Came to pass that Daemen betrayed Their Cause, and gave fire and tools, and other things They had Shielded Men of.

And there grew Anger where once had been Unity, and the First War came upon Crescent. Daemen turned upon Daemen, and Men upon Men, and Crescent was red with the blood of the slain.

The Elder turned away from the Wars of Men, and the Gods walked upon Sicle no more.

Finally a Counsel of Daemen gathered, and with combined forces the Fallen were beaten, and their armies scattered. But there was no undoing what was done, and That was the ending of the First Era, for Deamen had lust now for war and blood."

The First Chaos

"The First Chaos lasted for thousands of years, and Men became beasts again, and all that had been during the First Era was lost. And the Gods asked of the Elder more Might, that they might stop the First Chaos, and heal Crescent.

The Elder gave them more Might, but had them create the Five Races, for It had lost its love for Men, and wanted Men taught the olden ways. And the Gods made Sten from Shadow, and Slew the Daemen, and locked their Essence in the Sten. And when all Daemen were Imprisoned, the Sten was taken to the darkness amidst the stars, to hold the Daemen there forever."

The Second Era

"Five Gods had Created Five Races,Each one, and they were these.

The Alue Veres, or the people of the Moon, who were joyful and sensitive, and they would teach Men romance and passion.

The Taur, or the people of the Mountains, fierce and strong, and they would teach Men honor and agression.

The Satir, or the people of the Woods, mischievous and mysterious, and they would teach Men pleasure and trickery.

The Dzin, or the people of the Sun, full of fire and music, and they would teach Men music and wisdom.

And the last race were the People of the Sea, and they were unamed, and they would teach Men freedom.

For thousands of generations the Five Races thrived alongside Men. And once more Crescent was full of life"

The First Intervention

"When this had passed, the Five Races became beware of their Goal, and that it had been achieved, for Men had learnt the olden ways. And while Men grew bold and flourished, the Five Races grew tired and withered.

Men enslaved the Five Races, and then enslaved Men, and grew cruel in their ways. The Gods then spoke amongst Themselves, and decided to intervene, and with Their Might turned nature itself upon Men. And Men fell, their Empires shattered, and their boldness was gone. But the Gods wept, for they had never used violence before, and they felt it had corrupted them"

The Second Intervention

"Then those Men that survived had learnt to use nature, and how to craft tools. Not two thousand years had passed, before their empires were reborn, and slavery and wars raged over Crescent again. Again the Gods decided to intervene, but having learned of their mistakes, they decided to turn Magic upon Men.

And magic was set loose upon the lands, and no sons or daughters were born upon Men, unless they woudl bow to the Gods. Again the Empires were destroyed, and within one generation, those who were loyal to the Gods took their ruins to live on, and built upon them mighty temples. And under those temples they lived lives under the laws of the gods.

But the Gods were worried by the deed they had done, and retreated from the world, creating DemiGods to take their place.."

The Third Intervention

"Unknow to the gods, some Men had mastered the forces of Magic as they had mastered those of Nature before. Hidden in the shadows they started to rebuilt their power, this time corrupting instead of conquering. When the gods noticed this cancer, it was already too late..

The Empire of the Thendrath Mertem was the grimmest Crescent had ever seen, and the ruling class were warrior mages powerful enough to slay the gods themselves. They gained their powers from the magical murdering of slaves, and their empire was constructed around a giant city, Thenet, where slaves were bred as animals. Ther, the DemiGods themselves were enslaved. Rather thenconfront the Thendrath Mertem in direct battle, the Gods turned to the Elder, and seduced him. His love for Gods and the world rekindled, the God of Shadows sent forth a champion, a man from the ranks of the Thendrath Mertem themselves. This champion, a heir to the trone, overtrew the Thendrath hegemony and killed the warior mages.

But he turned on the God of Shadows, and used his position to gain might above that of the Elder. Then the Gods in their desperation took the Sten, prison of the Deamen, from the stars and threw it upon Thenet.

So Thenet was destroyed, Crescent was in ruins, and the Daemen were free once more.."

The Second Chaos

"It is said for every ten thousand that lived before the second chaos, only one lived when it was over. Certainly Crescent had never seen such destruction..

During the Second Chaos, the Gods of Blood and Fire were born, the Godess of the Flesh, and all the other Chaos Gods

The Daemen took form again, but this time as incarnations of magic, and not as natural flesh.

The magic systems of Men took their shapes, and war became their prime reason of existance.

Finally the forces all balanced out, and it was the Demi-Gods that restored life to the barren wastes of Crescent."

The Third Era

"Of all Era, the Third is seen as the most corrupted, the most artful, the wisest, the evilest.. Without doubt it is the most complicated. Deamen and Demi-Gods, empires and wild tribes, new races created by mages,..

And the crown jewel is of course the Eternal City.."