BRUTAL is probably one of the oldest haunts on this site. Some of you may know it as a bloody game set in the crescent world. Some have seen older incarnations. What it comes down to is the darker part of me. The part that was fed grindcore metal, Quake, Giger's Alien art. The part that actually thinks blood is a valid art medium. Anything that falls under that moniker is coming here sooner or later. Here even H.P.Lovecraft turns away, and every shotgun shell you discard is one friend less. This is where you come to die - or murder.
The Deep (which later became the basis for the Lavoisier episode in my Badass novel) started as a simple idea. What if you kept going down in quake?
Eventually it became a complete storyline where a warrior wakes up from cold sleep in an abandoned spaceship. He has to fight the obligatory mad AI before reaching a shuttle (a Badass rhino!). He finds the transponders of other shuttles and sets down on an abandoned archeological dig.
Problems with my mapping (lining up geometry insted of letting it overlap) and the hammer editor broke most of the maps I made at one point or another. I moved on to other pursuits.
Screenshots of the quake maps:

I also worked in the Unreal editor, much later, with custom made textures. Two maps were made that showed the spaceship part. One of them features a wicked folding airlock. The idea was to get a Quake 'feel' in unreal. Again, I moved on eventually.