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First creature! This is a 'Khidal'.


What is going on with Crescent Adventures? First of all I had big problems with my harddisks. So the latest work was gone. Then i started on other stuff, and finally CA got shoved aside. I regret this now, and after the stuff I'm working on right now is finished, i'm going to try and finish CA. Just before the crash I had implemented some changes to make the development faster - especially the maps. What am I working on right now? Websites, a video clip and a flash game that will help me develop Crescent in detail - wich Coldstone cant.I'm also doing a webcomic and am still looking for a job. Right now I'm going to do a small update to the site, but within the next weeks I should be working on CA again.


Whew, I just got the bones to behave.. So now my character can scratch his ass, walk, etc.. Wich just leaves me with a shitload of work and not much time till year's end. I need a lot of other characters, buildings, interiors, etc.. So I could still use a hand.


And it's getting worse.. .except for the time I've been putting in other projects, I've encountered numerous other problems. The biggest of these is probably my animation problem. I have a character, but no animator, so I need to do it myself. Naturally my prog is not cooperating. So anyone who can animate bones and is interested in helping, let me know here. And here's our hero.


Whow. No idea the last update was this long ago. At the moment I'm adding scenery, and when i'm done with that I'm going to make all maps...


Had some delays last weekend and during the week, but the game is still coming along. Proof?


Working on the game interface atm, wich will look at bit strange at first, but you'll get used to it very soon. A few people have offered to help test, so testing will begin this weekend. I'ts going to be a busy week for me indeed, as this weekend will also see the release of NeoCairo. Here is our hero, I'm still in doubt wether or not to offer choice between a male and a female character.. We already know he's a thief, and if you read the story carefully you know that he doesn't kill.. He just knocks attackers unconscious, and has a few other tricks up his sleeve... more on that later.


I redid the site a little, started using frames and added a screenshot section. This shot however is still new and so featured here : a new grass tile - with a house on top.. compare to the last grass tiles in the screenshots section. The house has been blurred slightly, I kinda like it better that way


Didn't do much this weekend, today I did the Ultrapropane banner though :)In case you are wondering: Ultrapropane would be the company name if this was a company. My friend Luggage has offered to look at the ground tiles, wich have slightly inmproved, but not enough. So I'm really gratefull that's he's chipping in. I've encountered another slight problem, wich reminded me that I need more playtesters.. So mail me And inspired by yesterdays bbq party the hero will now be drinking wine to heal himself - I'm still trying to make the first game officially banned by the AA. Unfortunately the drug-dealing scheme seems to be too touchy. more news l8r :) oh- and for the stoopid people out ther - yes the game will also be released as a windows version. So Win, OSX and classic.

19-07-2002 part two

Ok, call me a lazy ass, but the fact of the matter is that the 45 isometric system is not military isometric. In fact, its named 'false isometric' and never used.Why? because it's unusable. I just tested it, it didn't work, so the cute little houses stay. At this time, I'm very much aware of the fact that the water doesn't really fit with the houses, but I'll get over it... or make it isometric, too. I'll probably shorten the horizontal pieces and work on the turns, might even get done tonight..


second screenshot *Don't you love those houses? Well I gotta ditch them. Just spent 3 hours makign them , then I remembered Coldstone only supports military isometric movements. That means 0, 45, 90 etc... but nothing in between. Live with it- I will. Oh, and that's your first pic of a npc :) she's not falling over from the weight of her bosom, it's the perspective thing :) *in the screenshots section* *Haven't heard from Stront in a while, but that's probably because he's working. Wageslave idiot! *how do you like the new ground tiles? the first set looked like someone with a big scoop wanted to make a rpg. The second set looks like... ah hell you figure it out..


And here is the first screenshot! (actually an editor shot, but hey..) I've found someone who might be interested in doing sprites and animations for the game - none other then my old friend Stront! traces of him can be found on my website, and he's been a friend since as long as I can remeber - in view of our mutual alcohol consumption about three years :) anyone else who's willing to add to the team is very welcome- just mail me :)


Whoop! Suddenly everything is going faster- First of all I've been playing rpg on snex (secret of mana). I decided it couldn't hurt to use the Coldstone engine for a alternate game set in Aleara. Not the subtile realism of the final game series, but a fun hack & slash rpg. I hadn't really decide but was making a few sprites just for kicks. Then I met someone on Carracho who was interested in doing music for a Crescent game. So now I'm working on a tileset etc.., looing up ancient weaponry (yay giant deathray onager!) and a Crescent game may be coming soon. The first version won't have much animations, because they are a lot of work. The working title is Crescent Adventures, anyone who can think of a better name can mail me :)