Well the site seems to be complete at the moment and in it's last html incarnation I think. No telling what the next one might be though ;)

A lot of websites have been added to the 'sites' page (of all places), some of wich are finished, others wich are conceptual pieces. One of them is the last design of this site. Other incarnations of it can be found in the multimedia section.

Graphic work has been added and will probably continue to be added when produced. Artwork might be added as soon as the good people at TRUST decide to release a decent mac driver for my tablet.

A cancer has been growign inside the site, my very own webcomic wich I won't link the general public to. I have no money to spare on lawyers at the moment. However I've been receiving a stream of comix from my good friend ( by 'good' I mean 'locked in the basement' and by 'friend' I mean 'slave') Christophe. Funny stuf wich I'm trying to regulate, and host.