Gluten-free Cooking!

Chicken Soup

The damned standard

There's only one way to make chicken soup. And it's a harsh, long process that separates the boys from the men.

bucatini amatriciana

Taste of summer

This dish brings back souvenirs of Rome at it's summer best. The typical use of a local white whine with it's complex acidity makes for a wonderfully light tomato sauce. Serve with grilled courgette.

carbonades à la flamande

Solid beef done good

Probably the best Flemish dish for cold weather. Serve with fries, mayonnaise and salad.

ceasar's salad

Crunchy delight

In 1924 Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant, living in San Diego but also working in Tijuana where he avoided the restrictions of Prohibition, invented the dish when a Fourth of July rush depleted the kitchen's supplies. BR>

chicken, bell pepper and basil stew

Sweet warm & filling

This is a big taste stew for summer and winter.

chicken, leek and fried potatoes

Coming soon

Petra's favourite dish is simple and yummy

chili con carne

The Rompmeister mix

There's no one way to make Chili con carne. My version add chocolate and chili sauce for an explosion of flavor.

chorizo, goat cheese and grilled pepper focaccia

nice and rounded

Super tasty for those summer days. Serve with a salad or snack on the go.

courgette, red onion and goat's cheese pizza

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Healthy, yummy and easy enough for the kids to make- if you use premade dough.

courgette soup

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Probably the simplest dish on here. Quick and yummy

curry with chicken and rice

Quick stew

A rich curry stew loaded with vegetables that could stand on it's own. But it's actually really quick with steamed instead of stewed veggies.

fried rice

Hearthy goodness

Another favourite of Petra; this is a hearty, meat-centered dish.

ginger pork and bell pepper stir fry

Soupish yummyness

Loaded with ginger this is a simple but very asian dish- and yet the best noodles for it I can get here are Italian! To be honest it falls a bit between actual asian dishes, but it's tasty which is what counts!

hearthy pumpkin soup

in case of Fall

This pumpkin soup rules the roost and should be accompanied by cheese, pumpkin oil, sour cream, ham, fried pumpkin seeds and good bread to make a more than suficiently full meal.


for when you?re Hungary in Austria?

An Austrian classic with Hungarian influences, served with rice.

hunter's dish / hachis parmentier / aardappeltaart

The best potato dish

A Van Rompaye family standard. The creative English name dates back to when I first introduced Petra to this dish.


Coming soon

The recipe we go with is the rich Austrian one. Best served with some fresh side salad.

meatballs, gruyere and chili sauce focaccia

Coming soon

A hearthy and spicy foccacia variation.

meatbals, rice and grilled vegs

Coming soon

Oven-grilled meatballs, loaded with feta, cumin and spices, make this dish irresistable. Few meatballs make it all the way to the table


Coming soon

Preparation and rolling is a family affair, and these are undefeated for soup, vol au vent or on their own. Fried in their big version with inlaid cherries they are a Belgian classic.


Coming soon

We once had a competition too see whose recipe was best. Petra's standard won from my experiment hands down.

merguez with chick peas and couscous

Coming soon

Quick, easy and the perfect dish for a summer evening.

pasta with archiduc sauce

Coming soon

Though meant to go with steak, this rich archiduc sauce can easily manage a superb plate of pasta on it's own.


Coming soon

Super yummy- but totally uneconomical compared to the take-out version.

potato, broccoli, cauliflower and cheece gratin

Coming soon

One of Petra's favourites.

potato, tomato and onion oven bake

Coming soon

The first dish Petra cooked for me


Coming soon

A real man can make quiche and make it look manly, too.


Moeke's standard Petra's way

This is the cake my mom used to make. I've long used an elaborate mixing and baking process- but Petra's recipe just tosses everything together and works out better!

ravioli with truffel sauce

Coming soon

A great dish with loads of flavor. Be careful with the amount of sauce base and don't skimp on the salt!

risotto with mushrooms

Coming soon

With the flavor of dried forest mushrooms, this is the perfect winter risotto.

risotto with spinach

Coming soon

My first risotto, taught to me by Petra, is a creamy classic.

Rompmeister's hamburgers

The burger- refined

Perhaps somewhat frivolous, delicate and complex to assemble- but so worth it.

salade nicoise

Coming soon

A summer standard. It took ages to get the right cooking time for the green beans.

salmon in jacket

Coming soon

Surprisingly simple and super yummy. Serve with rice, brocolli and mustard dragon sauce.

sausage, brown sauce and green mash

Coming soon

Solid and simple winter food.


Coming soon

The key to a good schnitzel is a good chicken cut and delicate flouring.

sole a là meuniere, rice and brocolli

Coming soon

A recipé stolen on a summer day and still a favourite with it's roll of crunchy fish.

spaghetti bolognese

Coming soon

My undefeated favourite. I'm literally capable of eating this every day. And it drives Petra mad. The northern Italian recipe is dark, complex and very rich.

spaghetti carbonara

Coming soon

Quick and filling, perfect for any hungry stomach.



Don't you know what this is? It's god-damned steak!

stuffed bellpepper / gevulde paprika

Coming soon

A lighter version of a traditional dish. Fights have erupted over the leftover filling at the Van Rompaye family.

stuffed courgette

Coming soon

Another delicious favourite of Petra.

tikka massala with courgette

Coming soon

Surprisingly simple, yummy and healthy.


Coming soon

These 'boomstammetjes' are a calory bomb - but so yummy!

vegetable stew with chorizo

Coming soon

Easy, reasonably spicy stew for winter and summer.

veggie canneloni

Coming soon

Did you know that original canneloni are rolled sheets? Use lasagna sheets to make this scrumptious dish.

vietnamese spring rolls

Coming soon

Healthy and light, perfect for summer. Serve with 'mystery' sauce.

vol au vent

Coming soon

It's a harsh, long process to make chicken soup. And that's only a small part of the journey towards perfect vol au vent. Ask anyone who's had it if it's worth two days work...