Get them while they are young

A wooden & lasercut mini ITX puzzle

My son is 2 years old and loves PCs. So I wanted to design a wooden motherboard puzzle. miniITX, with sockets for the northbridge, caps, memory sticks, GPU, processor and cooler. I'd also like to include oversized jumpers and sata connectors. Put it in a box and I can add a PSU, hard drives and perhaps even a CD rom. I obviously thought about adding an electric circuit that will light up leds if everything is connected correctly- or even integrate a RaspberryPI and make other components also functional but physically oversized.
Shop time was , however, limited as my basement was a mess and other projects still needed finishing. So I decided to make it a laser cut project. This would allow me to get all the connectors etc. cut in such a way they would fit the holes.

I lost the first rough designs by overwriting, but this is what it could look like.

Obviously the holes would have to be fitted to the plank thickness.


more is coming... when I get round to doing it!