Goodies are coming here soon..

#1: This for example is the background tile. Just drag it to the empty wastes of ugliness you call a desktop, or even right into a folder. Then set it as your desktop pic.Windows user apparently can rightklick and just select 'set image as desktop pic'. Imagine that. Or imagine something else. I don't care.

#2: This is a entry for a compo on the comic-toast forum. The subject was a junk mek, or a mecha made of - righto, junk. The mek is supposed to be Australian, and there was a dystopic scenario to explain why Australians make their mechas from idea why they bothered.

#3: Sprites of me and Jo done by Juanigi at the Penny Arcade Phorum. He was a bit worried about Jo's spiked hair not coming out right, but let's just blame it on a bad hair day. I'm sure the massive fists more then make up for it.

#4: You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace. However, could it be possibel to drink it into peace? CRAP is on it already!

Let me know as soon as you find something else you'd like to see here, just mailing me should work. Yes. The button to the left.