Endless Azure

Endless Azure is a relaxing plane racing game for those who love old sea planes. If you love the Schneider trophy planes, try Endless Azure

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Imagine an early twentieth century where Schneider trophy race planes carry express mail and packages across the endless azure seas of the Mediterranean.
Here, espresso fueled pilots race for the credits needed to upgrade their monster machines- or keep them running. Rip apart the tranquil skies of Southern Europe as you pick up and drop off packages- but keep an eye out for the competition!

The Schneider trophy

From before the first world war until just before the second world war, the fastest planes in the air were the sea planes built by several nations to race each other in the Schneider Trophy race.

The planes

View the winners here!

Endless Azure aims to have all of the Schneider Trophy winners available in game!


Mix and match your own champion

All of the components in Endless Azure are bought separately. You can complete classic race planes, or create your very own!

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