Rompmeister's Hamburger


There's something about the combination of bacon, feta and red onion that really tickles my taste buds. If done well it has a sweet and sour and salty thing going that exists in the best burgers. If stacked properly, you get all this, plus the garlic pepper sauce, and the beef taste in every bite. Very much like a taste explosion, yes.


4 small hamburger buns
2 hamburger patties
1 red onion
1 plaque of feta cheese
8 slices of bacon

8 tablespoons of mayonaise 1 garlic clove(sweet)




Put frying kettle on.
Fry bacon in a hot pan. Cut the red onion in the meanwhile. Put crips bacon aside on a plate.
Fry onion next. Unwrap Feta and cut in thin plaques. Put onion on plate.
Turn heat up and fry Feta. Unwrap Buns and split or cut. Unwrap burgers. Put browned Feta on plate.
Put fries in kettle. Cut burgers lengthwise and put in pan. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Press garlic into mayonaise. Add pepper. Mix. Put bun tops in toaster. Flip burgers.
Put onions back into frying pan. Put salad on plate. Put Feta on top of the patties. Take fries out of kettle to drip.
Put patties, with Feta, on bun. Put the onion on top of the Feta. Put the bacon on top of the onion. Put sauce on top of the bacon. Put salad on the sauce. More sauce on top of the salad. Finish with the bun. Put burgers, fries and leftover sauce on the plate.