ChooChoo is a relaxing diorama game for young kids and toddlers!

The fun and easy wooden train diorama game

Just tap the screen to change camera. Find the cool locomotives, cars and boats. They move around a neat fjord harbor. You'll see a port, cranes, stations, a saw mill and more!

Red Locomotive

Red-y, steady, go!

Red is the little diesel that could. Day in day out she pulls containers and wood. Red works in any type of weather, but she prefers the sun!

Green Steamer

No Green-horn am I, haha!

The Green Steamer is even older than he looks. But he can still pull his weight! He knows all the good stories, too!

Big Green

Heavy? I Green and bear it!

Big Green is a Diesel and the strongest train in the game. She pulls the heavy ore cars. But where do those come from?


Orange ya happy to see me?

Orange is the port switcher lock. But he can take his containers all around the fjord. Yellow is his best friend!


Yellow there little buddy!

Yellow works at the sawmill. She brings lumber up and cut wood down. Orange is her best friend!



If you're Hippy and you know it...

Hippybus is also the school bus. She loves to drive kids around, come sun or snow!


Firing on all Zil-inders!

Firetruck may be a bit old, but he keeps the whole fjord safe!


Goat to see her to believe her!

Ugly duckling, 2CV, goat, rocking horse... She's just herself!


Unimog-inably tough!

The Unimog is not afraid. She goes everywhere.


E-Volvo-ed for the fjord!

Volvo looks American, but drives Swedish.


Demon-Stratos how it's done!

There's fast. Then there's stylish. Then there's Italian.


Imper-Turbo-ble on top.

Half the engine. Twice the class. Francais, quoi.

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