Turbine Head

Play this super fast game of tag in 3D mazes! During the two minute match, your goal is to line up your craft with the Hare. Doing so makes you the hare, after which you gain points every second until a competitor can become Hare instead. Points from each match carry over into the main League rankings.

In the far future god-like AI keeps humans as pets. Some of these live in space habitats, using twentieth century technology. The most popular sport in these habitats is Tag. The classic children's game now played in 3d environments using fast turbine, jet or even propellor powered craft. The pilots are named Turbine Heads. There are many reasons why Turbine Heads join the competition- but there's only one ranking. Can you get to the top of the ladder? Will you be the quintessential Turbine Head? Only one way to prove it!

the TurbineHead League

TurbineHeads typically are do it yourself kind of people. From mom and pop race teams, to upstart kids with a barn find, to champagne guzzling vintage racer owners. The AI rulers who allow their humans to participate in the league usually take care of transport and lodging costs.

the Craft

The ruleset is such that any machine in the allowed power range can compete. This power range is between 1500-2000Kw. The variety of requirements to the craft, from start-stop over speed to turn g-forces, ensure there's no single best configuration. Pilots tend to grow in skill along with their craft, meaning they rarely change type.

the TurbineHeads

Pilots are elite athletes. Knowing your opponents, psychological insight and tactical inventiveness are as important as reflexes and a good situational awareness. Because pilots' backgrounds may include illicit races, military service or even organized crime, there's no such thing as a pilot code of conduct. Psychological intimidation plays a big part in winning a race!

League Safety

The TurbineHead craft are not safe! Crashes are frequent and deadly. Pilots may intentionally force their opponents into crashes. Or a craft may break from component wear or mishandling. The mazes are somewhat secured to keep careful spectators safe, but offer plenty of opportunities for destructive mishaps.

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